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Three years ago my sister and I braved Snowmegeddon together in Alexandria. We stayed in the house only up to the point when we knew we wouldn’t die by stepping outside, and then proceeded to spend the next several days walking around the shuttered city. When we weren’t walking, we drove (the Jeep can go ANYWHERE…..almost), or rode our bikes (Jania was not especially skilled at this skill). The whole event was a blast.

Now, three years later, I understand we’re under the watchful eye of a Frankenstorm. Except this time, I live on a boat. I’m a little worried about how this will play out, but my neighbors are all confident and excited. I bribed one of them with stockpiled water in case I get scared and need to escape to the comfort zone of those who look forward to once-in-a-hundred-years event. We have secured a location for the poochie just in case we need to escape to my dads, but at this time, it looks like we’re going to see what Sandy has in store for us.


When we came home today, it was immediately obvious there was something different – and wrong – about the water. There were what looked like large logs floating in it
and the water looked heavier than I’d seen before. Sure enough, as the evening goes on, there are increasing amounts of some type of discharge in the water. The neighbors are all on the dock discussing it – it simply can’t be ignored. We don’t know if it’s sewage or another type of human or farm waste, but it smells like manure and carries with it all types of trash and dead fish floating on top due to the heaviness of it. I’ve never seen a river look like this before.



We went for a walk around Alexandria today and found the prettiest decoratations. Then we came home and tried to make our own and that turned into a debacle. Rather than show pictures of Arts and Crafts Gone Awry, I’ll show pretty pictures of Alexandria decorations instead.

Version Francaise:
Aujourd’hui, nous nous somme promene dans Alexandria. La, nous avons trouvĂ© les plus belles decorations de Noel. Ensuite, nous somme rentre pour en fabriquer nous-meme. Cette parti de la journee est devenus un debacle. Donc, au lieu de montrer des photos de nos decorations, nous allons vous montrer des photos des decorations dans la partie de Old Town, Alexandria.

A pretty Magnolia leaf wreath. “Une jolie couronne de feuilles de Magnolia”.

Old Town, Alexandria street. “Une rue dans la plus vieille partie d’Alexandria; Old Town”.

Pretty wreath on a pretty gate. “Une belle couronne sur une belle porte”.

Fir-y garland. “Une guirlande de branche de sapin”.

Festive guard lions. “Des lions qui font la guarde avec un aire festive”.

Beachy wreath. “Une couronne qui viens de la plage”.

A dapper courtyard gentleman. “Un bustier de bonhomme festive”.

A beautifully detailed fruit window decoration. “Un beau melange d’originalite et de fruit”.

A storefront sidewalk wreath sale. “Vente de couronne sur le trottoir”.

Gold leaf apple wreath. “Couronne de pommes feuillete d’or”.

A beautiful $125 winter wreath. “Une belle couronne pour $125 dollars”.