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I’m sure you’d think the last place you’d like to be during a hurricane is on a boat, but I am convinced otherwise. Most of the things that worry other people about hurricanes are not worrisome to us – not that we don’t have worries, but just that they’re different than what most land dwellers worry about. Below are the top 5 reasons to live on a boat in a hurricane:

1). You don’t have to worry about power. While most living on land have to worry about their power going out, most on boats don’t. This is a huge relief – I know that when the power goes out, we just rev up the generator and have power. When we move back to land, that’s one thing I’m going to insist we have.

2. You don’t have to worry about flooding. Pretty obvious, right?! No matter how high the river gets, we float. Just call me Noah.

3. We always have clean water stockpiled. Because we don’t drink the shore water (ugh, it comes through a water hose), we have two five-gallon jugs of water delivered each month. If we’d lived on land, we probably wouldn’t do this, but again this is a habit I will make sure to carry with me once we move back to land.

4. We don’t have to worry about trees falling on our roof. Because the boat is in the middle of the water, we never have to worry about a tree coming uprooted and crashing in on our heads.

5. Hurricane shopping was easy. We didn’t have to worry about buying the same foods everyone else was competing for, because we can heat our food. Also, because we didn’t have to buy water, it was just a regular shopping day…with the exception of the line of hundreds of shoppers weaving through the aisles for checkout.


So far, the neighborhood has been busy preparing for this storm. We’re all determined to stay aboard during the storm, with the young’uns encouraged by the 7-20 year boat veterans. We had trouble out of our generator last night and couldn’t get it to start, but after a night of rest and liberal applications of starter fluid, this morning it cranked right up. I never knew the sound of a generator would be so pleasing to someone who is generally only this excited by shoes and clothes.


We also winterized our water lines yesterday, with multiple trips to Home Depot, where we acquired two 30′ heat cables, eight tubes of insulation, and three rolls of Gorilla tape. This, we’re told, will keep the lines from freezing this winter. And yes, under all that black tape is a regular garden hose wrapped with a heating cable…pretty nifty!!


So far, it’s very calm, the water more so than normal. If we didn’t have all the warnings on the TV and Internet, I suspect we’d still know something was amiss, simply by the stillness of the water and air.


It is SO hot today, and wouldn’t you know it – our air conditioning died this morning! We noticed on Wednesday that our fan started running continuously, so we scheduled an appointment for the Sears technician to come out and repair what I think is the fan relay switch this morning. However, the AC was still working so we weren’t in a terrible rush…until this am when we stopped getting cold air. I know this is a shock to my last roommate and sister, but I WANT my AC. I typically don’t turn it on until Aug, partially because I get cold all the time and partially because I am cheap and don’t like to pay for it, but either I have gotten old and spoiled or today is exceptionally hot. We’ll see what tech man says about fixing it when he shows up in his window between 8-12 (which any sane person knows means 12:15).



Update: I was wrong, he finally showed up at 2:15. The good news is – replaced the thermostat and everything works perfectly!! Plus, we found out it’s a central heat and air system, so this winter we should be nice and toasty.


Today was only a marginal day at work, much to my surprise. It was like I was on a wild-goose research chase and no matter how much I looked, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. So, I was pleasantly surprised when, in a somewhat sullen mood, I arrived home and found the following sight.


If you look outside, you can see the fishing balls we brought back from France.


And outside you can see the front deck – JM reconnected the mesh to keep the summer Mosquitos out and the flowers are growing like mad as long as I keep my brown thumb away from them.


Sure do love this boat!

We just awoke to someone knocking on the door, thinking this dog was ours. Someone had left him outside the gate with a bowl of water.

While I was explaining that he wasn’t, Jean-Marc pushed me to the side and said, “Well, we’ll take him!!”

After a little bit of “This is my territory” growling from Siku, they are now trying to ignore each other. We’ll see what the day brings.

Update: We took New Dog to the animal hospital and they located the owner. Siku is happily an only-dog again, while JM is a little unhappy.

So today is the day we’re making the break full-time from house to land. After nine months of dual rents (aaaaghhgg!!!!), our one year leases at the apartment complex and Gangplank Marina are up. We had hoped to pull the boat out tomorrow, but an unfortunate weekend weather forecast inspires us to leave today. We’re heading about 14 miles south of here to Tantallon Marina with mixed feelings. On the one hand, we’ll be able to live full-time on the boat so that will be nice, on the other, the commute in waits to be seen. Also, we have tentatively explored the waters of selling the boat due to our uncertainties of the future with JM’s impending military retirement and recent back surgery, but are unconvinced that’s the best option at this time (ummmmm, the Chien Assis rocks). Meanwhile, we’ll see what adventures await us at Tantallon and go from there!

At probably the last possible minute, we got Trusty Handy Man to come by and show us how to winterize the boat. He was supposed to come by tomorrow so I could watch, but showed up bright and early this morning instead. Even yet, JM watched and we’re pretty sure we can do it next year. Dadblasted boat. Or, as JM would say, “Merde.” Actually, he would say more than that, which doesn’t sound bad to me because it’s in a different language. I’ll save it in case someone might get offended.

I am starting to really love this darn boat though. What a blissful peniche.