So our year as a full-time liveaboard is up and I’ve finally detoxed enough to discuss it without a mental and emotional relapse. The boat was awesome – it had its ups and downs- but was a mostly positive experience. We still have the boat, though it is up for sale, and now that we no longer need it as a liveaboard, we’re ready to sell and get something smaller to play on. So the boat was a fun experience, living aboard was an experience, and doing something a little outside the norm was fun. The part I needed distance from was Tantallon Marina. Since the amount of negativity there could fill entire chapters of a book, I will just summarize here.

There’s a popular sci-fi movie that came out a couple of years ago called “The Book of Eli.” And in it, there is this couple called Martha and George, both of whom from initial appearances are a normal couple, but end up wanting to trap and eat Eli and company. The management and establishment zombies at Tantallon are just like this. I swear they would carve you up and eat you if they thought they could get away with it. And since I have no evidence they have gone this far yet, they do everything they can but make General Tso’s chicken out of your fingers and toes.

The first indication I had that something was off came only after we’d given our deposit and arranged to move the boat to Tantallon. After the check cleared, we received a phone call that we now owed $500 to retrofit their electric pedestal to fit our boat (half of which went to the managers brother to complete the work). Now keep in mind, we’d had the boat for a year before this, at multiple marinas, and the previous owner had owned it twenty years before that, without any such issues. When I told Zombie Rhonda I didn’t understand or believe that, she then told me if I wanted to back out, she got to keep my deposit. I vividly remember my mother telling me to just back out already, that since I felt undue pressure before moving in, why go through with it. Because we desperately wanted to liveaboard though (for financial and personal reasons), and because there were no closer liveaboard marinas, we went through with it anyway. I frequently think back to that moment in my previous apartment’s kitchen, and wonder why I didn’t go with my gut. That first phone call was only a tiny sample of the year to come……